Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an individualized training program prescribed by an optometrist to improve the speed, accuracy and endurance of a person’s vision and to reduce visual effort, fatigue and discomfort.

Vision therapy effectively treats conditions that cannot be treated with glasses or contacts alone such as:

  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye
  • Strabismus or Eye turn
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Vision and Learning Difficulties
  • Concussion or TBI related visual symptoms
  • Visual perceptual skills (how the brain interprets the information we see).

Signs or symptoms of visual problems that may benefit from vision therapy:

  • Frequent headaches or eye strain 
  • Avoidance of close work or other visually demanding tasks
  • Poor judgment of depth
  • Turning of an eye (in or out, up or down)
  • Tendency to cover or close one eye, or favor the vision in one eye
  • Double vision
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Difficulty following a moving target
  • Dizziness or motion sickness
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty copying from one place to another
  • Loss of place, repetition, and/or omission of words while reading
  • Difficulty changing focus from distance to near and back
  • Letter and word reversals 
  • And many more


To find out whether you would benefit from vision therapy take the COVD quality of life survey or if you’ve had a concussion/brain injury complete the TBI symptom checklist.

For referring professionals: Have a patient you think would benefit from a vision therapy assessment? Please fax a competed referral form to 902-742-6969.

For more information about vision therapy visit: